Best Voicemail Greeting For Business

Many times, your voicemail greeting is the first point-of-contact for customers, and this is an opportunity to make a great first impression. As long as you keep some simple guidelines in mind, it’s pretty hard to mess up. The second portion of this article includes some examples that you can either take, word-for-word, or use as a jumping-off point to create your own—but first, let’s review 4 basic elements necessary for any professional voicemail greeting.

You want to be a little more formal when you’re recording a business voicemail greeting for your company. State your business name, your hours of operation, the manner in which you’ll reach out to the caller, and a place where he or she can obtain more information about your business.

Thank you for calling Greenleaf Logistics. No one is available to answer your call right now. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm. Please leave your name and phone number so that someone from our Customer Success Team can follow up with you.

Business Voicemail Greeting

A proper voicemail greeting can make a positive impression on your callers, or it can alienate them before you even speak to them. Put yourself in your caller’s place and ask yourself “How would I want to be treated if I couldn’t immediately talk to the person that I called? What would I want to know from the voicemail greeting? What should I do?”

OK, now we’re ready to move on to voice mail. And they’re actually two different components of a voicemail I want to talk about. One is obviously leaving messages, but the other is making your personal greeting. And this is really, really important, and there are some great tips about making a personal greeting. The first thing that you need to do is you need to think about what it is you want to say in the personal greeting. Don’t just jump on and leave your greeting. Think about it. Plan it out. What is it, what is the information that you want your callers to receive when they call in? Now, two things are a must. One, you want to keep it concise. You don’t want your message to go on, and on, and on.

Hey, this is Bob, I’m going to be out of the office on Thursday, but I’ll probably be back Friday. If I’m not back Friday, I’m going to be back Monday. Now, of course, you know, there’s always the chance that my flight could be delayed, and I won’t get back until Wednesday. But if that’s the case, you know, don’t go on, and on, and on like that, OK. Another thing that you want to do is include helpful information.

I’m away from my desk until Tuesday, but you can call Sally Jones in the HR department at six-four-nine-three-two-seven-one-five-four-seven, and she’ll be able to help you out. Now sometimes you might be as brief as this is Tim Jones, I’m going to be away from my desk all day today, press pound if you need further assistance, and you will be connected to the operator who can direct your call. Alright, it depends on the circumstances the information that you need to leave. But what is important is that you keep your callers in mind, and you leave the information that will get them where they need to be. Another thing that you must always do, even if everybody that’s calling you knows who you are, you always want to include your name at the beginning of the greeting.

Hi, this is Tracy Goodwin, or Hi, this is Tracy. I’ll be away from my desk today, March eighteenth. But, if you need assistance, you can page me at, or whatever information that you want to leave. So that is creating your greeting.

What do you say in a voicemail greeting?

1. Do not begin with the “Your call is very important to us…”
This phrase is overused and can be “turn off” to callers.

2. Let the customer know whose voicemail they have reached.
What business, department, or person are they leaving a message for?

3. Apologize that you cannot take their call right now.

4. Invite your customer to leave a message.

5. Let your customer know when they can expect a return call.
Follow through with a callback!

6. List any additional options that are available to your customer.
Does the website provide meaningful information? What is the web address? Are there additional numbers for them to call in case of an emergency?

7. Avoid giving out too much information.
Keep it simple!

8. Keep your voice message short and sweet.
An optimal recording is about 25 seconds.

What is a busy greeting on voicemail?

When you work in a business, customers, employees or other business-related individuals may try to get in contact with you via telephone, and having a professional voicemail greeting can set the right tone for your business and inform callers of when you’ll be able to get back to them.

Use an “On the Phone” or “Busy” voicemail greeting to inform callers that you are in the office, but you can’t take their call right now because you are already on the phone or you’re involved in other business activities.

If you’re out of town or want to leave contact details for other personnel in case of emergency, for example, you can also include this in your voicemail greeting.

How do I leave a professional voicemail?

Voicemail has become a standard part of every business class telephone system. Not only will knowing how to leave a professional voicemail phone message reflect positively on your company, but it’s also important to your professional image as well.

These tips can help new or inexperienced employees leave the kinds of professional, courteous phone messages that will get returned.

Knowing how to leave a professional voicemail message is very beneficial for your business contacts and shows you are business professional. It could not hurt you to read these simple tips and avoid the obvious pitfalls of leaving a voicemail message.

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